Medical Team

Dr. Idayu


Dr. Idayu is a psychiatrist at Selayang Hospital under the Fellow of Psychiatry and Community Rehabilitation. Dr Idayu started his career in medicine in Sabah in 2006 as a house officer at Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Likas Hospital. Before Dr Idayu turned to a psychiatrist, Dr Idayu was also a Medical Officer at Mesra Bukit Padang Hospital, Sabah.

Dr. Idayu's role in Zara Aisyah Homes (ZACC MYTOWN) is to ensure that the Senior Citizens under her care are physically and mentally healthy. At Zara Aisyah Homes (ZACC MYTOWN), emphasis is given to a person’s well -being where he or she is able to realize his or her potential, is able to overcome stress in life and is able to contribute to himself or herself.

With Dr. Idayu's experience in this field, Zara Aisyah Homes (ZACC MYTOWN) has helped many to take the elderly care industry to a higher level by introducing the best care to the elderly.

Azraie Ishak

MUHAMMAD AZRAIE BIN ISHAK. Azraie is responsible for leading ZACC MYTOWN’s entire medical operation and his role is to continue the development of the brand in Malaysia. His main focus is to help and establish ZACC MYTOWN as Malaysia’s most admired care company and as an employer of choice within the sector.


Graduated from Government Medical College (Institut Latihan Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia) in 2016 in Diploma in Medical Assistant, he co-founded Zara Aisyah Homes (ZACC MYTOWN) in 2016 with his partner Wan Salbiah Mior Yahya and decided to join Zara Aisyah Homes group with the mission to elevate the Elderly care industry to another level by introducing the best care to elders.


He has taken Zara Aisyah Homes from 21 beds to 71 beds in 2020 under his care, within 2 years’ time.


With a strong background in Medical and its operation, Azraie will lead innovation projects and drive the technology strategy at ZACC MYTOWN.

Care Coordinator

With a passion for providing comprehensive care and support to elderly individuals, ZACC MYTOWN Care Coordinator serves as a dedicated Care Coordinator at ZACC MYTOWN. With a background in relevant field, e.g., nursing, social work, healthcare management, Care Coordinator's brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the role.

As a Care Coordinator, they plays a pivotal role in ensuring that each patient's journey, from admission to post-admission, is seamless and tailored to their specific needs. Through effective communication, compassionate understanding, and meticulous attention to detail, Care Coordinator's orchestrates and coordinates various aspects of care, working closely with healthcare professionals, families, and the elderly individuals themselves.

At ZACC MYTOWN, Care Coordinator is known for their unwavering commitment to enhancing the quality of life for each patient under their care. From conducting comprehensive assessments to developing personalized care plans and advocating for the best interests of the elderly, Care Coordinator's approaches their role with empathy, professionalism, and a deep respect for the dignity of the individuals they serve.

In addition to their day-to-day responsibilities, Care Coordinator's actively seeks to stay informed about the latest developments in elderly care, ensuring that the center's practices remain aligned with best practices and evolving standards in the field.

Care Coordinator is a vital asset to the ZACC MYTOWN team, embodying the center's commitment to providing exceptional care and support to the elderly community.

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