Daily Activities

Dementia-friendly activities

At ZACC MYTOWN, our professional team is committed to supporting our residents in enjoying everyday life. Our team takes a thoughtful approach to dementia-friendly activities and meaningful involvement, ensuring that our residents with dementia continue to feel happy, comfortable, and content.

With a comprehensive understanding of people's lives, we can stimulate positive remembrance and provide a safe and supportive environment where individuals feel comfortable participating in both old and new activities, vacations, and events.

Below is a list of our activities and events

Physical activity: exercise, gardening, bowling, ball toss, outdoor stroll, etc

Purposeful living: writing letters, self-improvement / check-ups

Games: jigsaw, board games, card games, trivia, etc.

Wind down / storytelling, tv, family pictures & videos

In-house family activity, lunch & dhuhr - arts & crafts, cooking, games (weekend only)

Outing with travel carers (family members are welcome!), lunch and dhuhr outside (Weekend only)

Our time: 3:38am UTC